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CLU Designation

A CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) is an educated, experienced, and qualified professional committed to the financial well being of your family, your business, and yourself. A CLU can provide professional advice on a broad range of financial and insurance topics. With the help and knowledge of a CLU you can:
Create a Sound Financial Solution
  • Achieve your financial goals
  • Analyze your overall financial situation
  • Identify your life and health insurance needs
  • Identify your personal property and liability risks
Achieve Financial Security Through Life Insurance
  • Meet your financial needs using life insurance and annuity products
  • Provide an understanding of your legal rights of owning life insurance and annuity products
  • Familiarize you with various policy provisions Enhance the Value of Your Estate
  • Provide for your financial security during retirement
  • Enhance your family‚Äôs security through the accumulation of an estate
  • Conserve your existing assets
Manage a Successful Business
  • Develop a plan for keeping your family business
  • Identify the various forms for organizing a business
  • Develop a plan in case of the death or disability of a business owner or professional
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